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Custom Countertops

Countertops, Granite, Marble

Now is a great time to redo your kitchen, thanks to a surge of new products hitting the market. Select from an array of unexpected materials, including stainless steel, granite, marble – even concrete! Be sure to select materials that deliver not only the look you want, but the quality you need.

Gone are those days when your kitchen countertops have to look like every other house in the neighborhood. Kitchen Concepts, Inc. has built a winning reputation by creating and installing custom countertops for your home based on your input or designs that you specify. It adds a wonderful level of ownership to the project that you don’t get by just paying someone to slap some off-market countertops in your home.

Countertop Material Selection

Materials Price Stain Resistance Heat Resistance Scratch Resistance
Granite/Marble High Excellent Excellent Excellent
Quartz High Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ceramic Tile Medium Good Excellent Excellent
Stainless Steel High Excellent Very Good Poor
Laminate Low Very Good Very Good Fair